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Life can be very beautiful! But from time to time, also unpredictable and hard! For me, running&sports always helped me to deal with the challenges of life, and I would like to share my passion with you!

In a responsible, healthy and endthusiastic way, we work towards your goals and dreams. To get you started, and keep you going! Not only to survive life, but really live it!

I combine my studies (personal coach, athletic coach, sports physiotherpist,...), with my own experience as a professional runner, cancer fighter and human being! I know what set backs are, and I know how difficult it is to get back on track. Figuratively and literally. There are no stupid questions, and no stupid goals! Let's talk about it and find the best way to complete your wishes!

On an individual base, I can help you with start-to-run, with completing your first 5K or a marathon (and everything in between)! We can work towards a general better feeling and physical health, which almost always means a better mental health as well!

Also injury prevention, core stability and power, back/neck excercises,... is my cup of tea! I can coach you online or personal, but anyway, we keep in touch! That way I can ​guide you all the way through! 

So, if you are having questions or you just want to start right now, just click below and let's talk!

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